There are a lot of good reasons to switch to a GeekDesk®,health, productivity, comfort. You don't have to take our word for it, here are some resources for you to learn more about the benefits of an adjustable height desk:

Stand Up!

Not Just Sitting All Day!...

The human body was simply not made to sit in a chair 6-14 hours a day! Give your back a rest, and your body some variety, with our GeekDesk® electric quick-adjustable desk! New studies have been circulating everywhere lately about the dangers of too much sitting. At GeekDesk®, we believe that a healthy combination of standing & sitting™ is best. We encourage all of our potential customers to do their research about the health benefits of incorporating standing desks into their daily lifestyle. To get you started, here are some popular articles:

Sit down!

..But Not Standing ALL Day, Either:

 Standing ALL day long has its downsides too, though. Here are a couple of links that will tell you more about that:

Using a quick-adjustable GeekDesk® means you can change positions:

  • Easily
  • Frequently
  • Whenever your body tells you it needs a change
  • Without interrupting your work or concentration

What makes GeekDesk your best choice?

Quality construction, superior design, and reasonable pricing makes the GeekDesk one the most trusted adjustable height desks available today.

Learn a little more precisely what makes the GeekDesk stand out.

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Why buy from a dealer when you can buy direct? We know our products inside and out, and back them fully with excellent support, a solid warranty, and long-term parts availability.

Buy with Confidence

At GeekDesk®, we strive to create the same experience for our customers that we want to have when we do online shopping. We want you to be happy enough with your transaction that you not only are personally satisfied, but that you also tell your friends about your great experience with us. We also recognize that buying high-quality office furniture online, sight unseen, can feel like a bit of a "gamble," and we want you to be confident when you order from us. To that end, we back up all of our products with the following no-hassle return, cancellation, and warranty policies.