How to Stay Healthy at Work

Oct 06, 2016

How to Stay Healthy at Work

It's difficult to stay healthy when we're at work for the majority of our day, but there are small changes you can make that could add up to a huge difference in your health.

Healthy Snacks

Don't fall victim to the cake for John's birthday or the extra treats from Sarah's retirement party. Bring your own healthy snacks so when you're feeling like munching on something at your desk, you have a few healthy options on hand to avoid falling prey to the office junk food.

Ask For a To-Go Container

When you go out to eat with coworkers, ask for a to-go container at the beginning of the meal and portion out how much you plan on eating first. This allows you to avoid overeating just because the food is on your plate. You'll also have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Set a Timer

Either on your phone or on your calendar set a reminder to get up and move. This will keep your blood moving and muscles from getting too tight throughout the day.

Drink Water

You're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but many of us rarely do. Keep a tally of how much water your drinking so you can make sure you hit your goal. As a bonus, you'll also get up and moving around the office to refill your water bottle.

Take the Stairs

It's easy to jump on the elevator, but taking the stairs up and down to those meetings or to your office will get extra cardio in without you having to think about it. Stair climbing also burns more calories compared to other moderate level activities.

Walking Meetings

When possible take a walking meeting instead of sitting inside a conference room. This is only possible with smaller groups (usually 2 or 3 people total), but it's a great way to stay active and you'll also be thinking sharper since you're up on your feet.

Take Your Vacation

This one isn't technically at work, but it's work related. Often times we forget or don't realize how important it is to take our vacation time. Your body and mind need time to take a break and relax. We know it's hard, but make sure you're taking your vacation time to increase your overall productivity throughout the year.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

As we get busy at work and stacks of paper pile up its easy to neglect our workspace. It's important to not only clear the clutter for your emotional state and stress level, but it's also essential that you keep your workspace clean to avoid the buildup of bacteria. Wiping your desk down with sanitizing wipes or spray will help keep up the cleanliness.

Making a few small changes will significantly help you stay healthier longer.