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Adjustable Height Desks

One of the things we hear over and over from our customers is "Why didn't I get one of these sooner?" You don't realize how much sitting in a chair all day is sucking the life out of you until you have the opportunity to NOT sit in a chair all day. It's hard to imagine how much better you will feel when you are able to change position regularly, easily, and frequently. Our customers tell us their great results every single day.

It is our goal to serve people well by supporting them in the work they do with furniture that is excellently designed, quality manufactured, and backed by truly stellar customer service. We are so confident you will love your desk that we offer a 30-day, guaranteed, no-hassle, no restock-fee return policy (our return rate is so low we even pay return shipping costs!). You owe it to yourself to try a GeekDesk® adjustable height desk today.

GeekDesk® Model 4

The Model 4 offers the quality craftsmanship and the robust features that have given GeekDesk® a trusted reputation. The GeekDesk® v3 combines a solid steel frame specially reinforced for stability at any height, three-section legs for a broad maximum range of extension, easy to use elevation controls, and 275 lbs. of lifting capacity powered by very quiet, internally housed dual electronic motors.


GeekDesk® Casters

These chrome plated steel casters feature a locking brake, allowing your GeekDesk® to move freely when you want it to, and lock in place when you want it stationary. (Please note: Adding casters to your GeekDesk® will add approximately 3" to both its minimum and maximum height.)

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GeekDesk® CPU Holder

The GeekDesk® CPU Holder is designed specifically to mount to the frame of the GeekDesk® so the tower will travel up and down with the desk frame itself. These CPU Holders are made of strong steel and are powder coated in silver or black to match your GeekDesk® frame. The securing strap allows flexibility for almost any size CPU case.

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GeekDesk® Standing Mat

Ultra high-quality, commercial grade anti-fatigue mat, in black, with the GeekDesk® logo. Not all mats are equal – this is an industrial-strength mat, engineered to withstand years of use without breaking down or losing its shape.

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Our Customers

Our need for an improved ergonomic set up while we worked at our traditional desks back in 2009 lead us to the birth of GeekDesk. We couldn't find what we were looking for in the market so we scratched our own itch.

As it turned out, it was an itch that many other professionals and businesses needed scratching too. Before we knew it, our desks paved the way for a revolutionary approach to work and the adjustable height desk market exploded.

GeekDesk continues to serve businesses thousands of cool (or Geeky) professionals across the U.S and Canada.

We are delighted to know that our desks serve as the platform for such amazing work done by our customers.

So… what makes our customers love us so much?

The Adjustable Height Desk Design

We take personal pride in our craftsmanship to provide you with a stylish, solid, robust and high-quality height adjustable desk.

Stylish Desktop Designs

Our designs are modern and timeless. Standing as works of art in your office or at home you can customise your desk to suit your personal preference and style with a range of finishes from Bamboo, Beech Veneer and Black laminate.

Smooth Motion

Not only does your desk look like a piece of art, it's elegance and smooth gliding motion from sit to stand positions make for effortless transitions from one ergonomic set to another and it a simple touch of a button. The seamless motions bring the desk to life as it breathes health, productivity and happiness into your working day.

Unrivaled Strength and Functionality

Geekdesks are designed to exude high-quality, strength and performance that lasts. We set ourselves apart from competitors with:

1) Cross Bar Feature

The simple but powerful addition that uses some basic geometry to keep your desk strong and more robust from other standing desks in the market.

2) Three Section Legs

We take you higher than the two section legs of competeing desks with our greater range of heights.

3) Steel Frame

Inherent strength resists fatigue, stress, dings and scratches. Energy efficient, durable and fully recyclable and built to last. It is the obvious choice for our frames.