Rubberwood Desk Tops Are Here!

rubberwood desk top

Here at GeekDesk® we are excited to introduce rubberwood to our current top offerings! Rubberwood is a wonderful material, combining consistent strength and density with the beauty inherent in natural solid wood. It’s also sustainably sourced as a byproduct of the latex farming and harvesting process.

A little bit about rubberwood

Like maple trees, rubber trees exude sap which is collected in buckets during the farming and harvesting process. The milky white latex that is harvested from rubber trees is used to make natural rubber, which is used in all kinds of products worldwide.

As with all trees, latex trees have a natural productive lifespan after which they quit producing and die naturally. Decades ago rubber plantation trees were routinely burned to the ground once they had reached the end of their productive life to clear the fields for new plantings. The wood has now emerged as a leading sustainable hardwood used in furniture. Now those expired trees are put to better use!

One of rubberwood’s specific advantages as a material is that it has a dense grain character when compared with other types of wood. Because of that, it is not as prone to shrinkage or warping. It is also a very hard wood, similar to ash or maple, known for its durability.

New rubberwood tops

Our new rubberwood desk tops are solid wood through and through, made from finger-jointed blocks individually pieced together for maximum strength, rigidity, and warp resistance. We are pleased to offer these tops in five beautiful finishes: Natural, Golden Oak, Dark Walnut, Red Maghogany, and Espresso.

Order your new rubberwood-topped GeekDesk® adjustable height desk today!

Natural Rubberwood


Golden Oak Rubberwood

Golden Oak

Dark Walnut Rubberwood

Dark Walnut

Red Mahogany Rubberwood

Red Mahogany

Espresso Rubberwood