The Benefits of a Standing Desk

Aug 25, 2016

Standing Desk for Back Pain

The human body isn't meant to sit all day long. We're meant to be active, but how are we supposed to accomplish that when we have desk-based information work to get done? By investing in a desk that allows you to both sit and stand. You'll not only have a greater range of motion, but you'll be able to get your work done while physically doing more than just sitting passively at your desk. It's a much healthier and more energized way to work.

When standing up at a desk, your body, even if only very slightly, will naturally move back and forth, which keeps your blood moving and your mind more alert. When you're standing it's less likely you'll start to feel mentally tired, as that movement increases your energy and allows you to be more productive. You may also be more likely to hit the gym after work and participate in activities such as rowing, running, lifting weights and more, because the lethargy that comes from sitting too much doesn't get the chance to set in and take over.

While standing, your body's electrical activity increases, as does your metabolic rate. Your insulin rate also increases which may help prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and more. You'll also burn more calories than you would while sitting, leading to a lower risk of obesity as well as building up your core strength. It's easy to slouch when you're sitting, putting pressure on your back and neck. It's much easier to stand in a way that doesn't have you hunched over than it is to concentrate on sitting up straight.

If most of your office has standing desks, it allows you to be on the same level as co-workers when they pass by, facilitating collaboration and allowing you to connect with your co-workers more easily. When you're standing it's easier to get walking because you're already on your feet allowing you to get moving faster, with less internal resistance.

It's important you have a desk that allows you to adjust its height. You don't want to be stuck standing all day. It's the frequent change of position, such as from sitting to standing, that is most beneficial. Make sure you choose a desk that easily adjusts from a sitting to a standing position, as well as any position in between, for the best possible health and convenience advantages.